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PR Manager

PR manager

5,000 - 10,000 AED

The PR manager is a creative employee with well-developed visual thinking, skilled in representing the company and its services from a positive, good point. The PR manager monitors the formation of the company image in the eyes of public and our customers. An experienced PR-manager represents the five senses of our company.

TopLevel team is looking for a professional, willing to maintain and to strengthen the brand ideas and values, while preserving its underlying concept. Active life position, healthy ambitions, and the ability of quality working time distribution will be advantages. The appropriate balance between “flexible” and “tough” skills will become your advantage too.


  • PR startegies development and implementation;
  • Planning, agreement and formation of PR campaign budget;
  • Work with content: collection of key facts, preparation of brief cases, theses, and other information;
  • Setting contacts with commercial and public organizations, media, bloggers and media persons;
  • Organization of events for reputation improvement, skills of keeping official accounts in various social networks;
  • Analysis of efficiency of the conducted PR companies, preparation of reports and documentation;
  • Proper company representation in all key spheres of interaction with the target audience.

Skills of communication and business communication with public and media persons;

Correct writing and speech;

Ability to work with large volume of information in multi task mode, skills of data search and analysis;

Free skills of determining key efficiency indicators for determining the relevance of PR campaigns;

Experience of organizing PR events within the medium or large company;

Wish to develop in the emerging company.

Work conditions

Company office location: Dubai center;

The team of 30 professionals speaking 15 world languages;

Execution under the agreement with local legal compliance;

Salary, facultative special pays and premia;

Career growth possibilities;

Corporate English language learning;

Employees who passed probation are provided the residence permit in Dubai at the company’s expense;

Schedule: 5/2 – 09:00 AM-06:30 PM.

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