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Selling real estate in Dubai

Selling real estate in Dubai

Selling real estate in Dubai

Search of potential buyers in the UAE
Real estate sale is an important stage of profit earning from the fixed asset by the capital owner. Sale may be a forced step or a thought-out business solution, but a profit-making action, to the certain degree. At real estate sale, its owner should take into account many external and internal market factors influencing on the certain asset value.

In 2022, the price of Dubai real estate continues gradually increasing due to reduction of new offers, which gives owners a possibility to increase profit when selling it. According to Dubai Land Department, in 2022, 70% deals were performed with the increase of total deal price by 145% compared to the same period in 2021. It shows market development trends and increase of potential owners' purchasing power. According to statistical data, real estate sale is a well-grounded decision.

TopLevel — real estate appraisal and sale in Dubai

Our company team has key knowledge of the real estate market in the UAE and skills of accompanying our customers at each stage of the sale process. TopLevel specialists provide help in all cases related to tangible property sale in Dubai:

Determining the value of your real estate. Our employees will conduct the complex object value evaluation for its profitable sale. We will develop the system of marketing events, collect information, and build the efficient target audience-oriented campaign for your real estate sale. Providing full reports.

Documentation control. The company employees will analyze your rights for real estate object title or possession. With the line of procedures, we will compare your status of real estate possession to the UAE legislation, and offer optimal solutions of compex real estate issues in Dubai.

TopLevel will carry out the independent inspection. Our team will evaluate the third company due diligence. In disputable cases, we will support you in negotiations with the other party of the conflict. Our company employees will assist you in conducting work with claims to the other company, and will provide legal assistance.

We will select profitable offers based on the wide data base of our company. TopLevel will carry out the search of purchasers in good faith at the Dubai real estate market, and our professionals will agree upon the most profitable deal for you based on appropriate negotiations.

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