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Obtaining the UAE residence visa

Obtaining the UAE residence visa

Obtaining the UAE residence visa

Plus other services in Dubai real estate field

As of December 2021, the UAE population is 10,033,929 mln. According to calculations of the Migration Policy Institute, 88% of them are economic migrants, i.e., the Emirates represent a very popular direction for residency change.

The UAE government is interested in attracting fresh capital from abroad, so they try to create comfortable conditions for investors and regular citizens. Inter alia, obtaining residence visas under new simplified terms. There is no notion of “residence permit in the UAE”, it is replaced by residence visa, that is, a permit to enter and stay in the country. The residence visa in the UAE gives:

The right to its owner to live freely in the United Arab Emirates from 6 months to 10 years, depending o the visa issuance basis;

Economic protection similar to that one of the UAE citizen, and enhances the foreigner’s possibilities on the UAE territory;

Possibility to visit the UAE at any time; however, it should be kept in mind that the break between visits should be not more than 180 days;

Residence visa processing for family members (spouse and children).

Residence visa processing and other services in the UAE

TopLevel has the vast experience of consulting natural entities and organizations. Our company team has key knowledge of the real estate market in the UAE and skills of accompanying our customers at each stage of processes related to real estate objects in Dubai and moving to the UAE:

Transfer of real estate deed. We perform legal transfer of the rights to own and dispose of real estate between the parties to the procedure. Our employees will prepare the official agreement that will come into force upon signing or after the set term expiry. We will provide aid in accession to the heirship.

Aid in registering legal entities and settlement accounts in Dubai. Registration of the UAE tax resident status, obtaining protection from the automatic CRS. Help in preparation of the documentation package for the settlement account opening in Dubai. Accompanying the customer at personal visit to the selected bank.

Business launch support. Registration of local and free zones and offshore companies with the possibility to carry out tax free business under the UAE legislation. Help in free trade conduct, provision of services at the domestic and foreign markets. Support in residence visa processing to the legal entity’s shareholders and employees.

Remote service provision. Execution of any services of our agency online, performance of the required events, legal support, development of the required documents and consultation aid in all related issues without your direct and personal participation.


Get the UAE residence visa

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