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Real estate consulting

Full disclosure of your issues on real estate in the UAE
Consultation is a measure required for high quality task solution in any field of activity. Obtaining the specialist's advice in any field of theory or practice is a reasonable step in cases when an event is important and meaningful. A project based on real estate is an increased control area for every person.

Dubai real estate market is developing dramatically. According to Dubai Land Department, in 2022, 70% deals were performed with the increase of total deal price by 145% compared to the same period in 2021. The real estate market growth trends allow making decisions on perspectives of capital investment into this economy sector, and give our customers fillip to thoughts.


TopLevel has the vast experience of consulting natural entities and organizations. Our team of specialists possesses actual information on the real estate market in the UAE and regularly supports its customers in a broad range of issues:

Residential and commercial real estate in the UAE. Full data base on relevant real estate in Dubai: new buildings market, secondary housing market, commercial real estate market, land lot market. Acquisition and investment methods. Expert market assessment and consulting on the price and price distribution of various real estate types.

Everything on real estate sale and rent. We will descrie the process of sales for object owners in details. Our specialists will provide information support in issues of real estate preparation for transfer to the third party’s ownership. We will consult you on perspectives of real estate rent in Dubai, and tell you how to execute commercial real estate for lease to legal entities.

Service in 15 world languages. TopLevel specialists work with wide audience: we consult clients in Russian, English, Arabic, and many other world languages. Due to our professionals, you will feel no language barriers or communication difficulties.

Briefing on our cooperation methods. We will tell you about work with customers in our company: from addressing to signing tilte documents. Our employees will lead you through the system of interaction with TopLevel step by step.

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