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Tiger Properties


TIGER GROUP was incorporated in 1976 with the inspiring vision of founders for the efficient participation in construction of the United Arab Emirates by implementing landmark projects with the maximally possible quality standard, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Throughout the entire way, TIGER GROUP were enhancing business and included, in addition to project construction and real estate development, object management, hotel business, production, education and healthcare, and enhanced the operational geographical zone with the purpose to embrace the Gulf, the Middle east, and Turkey.

For success at the UAE business market, Tiger Contracting does its best to ensure that all construction projects and services were performed in accordance with the contract specification and drawings, in agreed terms and with quality that meets the customer’s needs and expectations, and full satisfaction of all the customers.

The mission of TIGER GROUP is based on strategy of providing to customers the highest level of quality of construction-related work, the guarantee of projects completion in reasonable terms and for reasonable price. TIGER GROUP aspires to preserve honesty and dignity and to act professionally with project owners and users.

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