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Samana Developers


Samana Developers is a part of Samana Group business conglomerate with the head office in Dubai, and truly has global presence. The group consists of more than10 world-known companies, each of which is eager to provide the highest quality service in combination with the sincere professionalism.

Samana Developers opened new horizons in development industry by issuing its first project, Samana Greens, in April 2018, in the very heart of Arjana, Dubai, and realized it succesfully. Due to Samana Greens success, Samana Hills was launched in 2019 and is on the way of transfer according to Samana’s accelerated construction strategy. Samana Greens completed the main structure only for 8 months, and Samana Hills achieved the record-breaking progress in construction. The record of accomplishments of Samana Developers, that proved that applications were performed in time, has been internationally recognized every time, and commitment to delivery and transparent approach brought the company multiple awards.

During COVID-19 pandemic, Samana Developers followed its motto “Always in time”, maintaining timely performance of projects and resistance to market economy.

Samana Developers is one of the most rapidly growing private builders in the country, and their attention is focused on providing the high quality product to each customer at the respective price, maximizing profit for investors.

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