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Bloom Properties


Bloom Holding is one of the leading UAE companies involved in development of modern and sustainable communities in the UAE. Bloom Holding is deeply committed to elite real estate development and enrichment of the life of inhabitants by focusing on four main segments, such as real estate, education, services, and hospitality. Bloom Holding is governed by the vision of going beyond the customers’ and investors’ expectations in developing new projects that provide attractive return from investments, and that will contribute to the UAE economic potential.

Bloom Holding developed and managed over 5000 projects in the UAE, over 4000 of them are in development, including the leasing portfolio of 1000 premium class residential houses, 630 hotel rooms, A class office premises, 11 schools and one kindergarten.

Bloom Holding creates inclusive, integrated communities that strengthen ties and affiliation with society. Bloom Holding creates the environment in which people and business prosper.

The Bloom Holding Project will be developed to create the fully integrated society that will naturally fit into the Abu Dhabi fabric. The flagman complex Bloom will include over 4,000 residential units offering such components as hotel business, healthcare, education, leisure, retail trade and catering, creating the area for life, work, and entertainment.

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