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Real estate rent in Dubai

Real estate rent in Dubai

Real estate rent in Dubai

Real estate management and rent in the UAE
Real estate rent is an optimal option for people restraining from purchasing it for any reasons. In the short-term perspective, this decision will be profitable and reasonable. On the other hand, real estate lease, be it residential housing or commercial premises, is profitable, it brings stable income to the owner, and fixes real estate as asset.

In addition to zero income taxation in Dubai, real estate lease is considered the highly profitable field here that is unmatched in the entire world. For example, profitability of investing into residential real estate in Singapore is 2,82%, while in Dubai, it approached 7.1%. For example, as of year-end 2015, Discovery Gardens complex demonstrated the profitability result of 10.2%. And these indicators increase every year.

Real estate rent in Dubai. TopLevel

Our company team has key knowledge of the real estate market in the UAE and skills of accompanying our customers at each stage of the renting process.TopLevel specialists provide help in all cases related to real estate rent in Dubai:

Full support in asset management. When executing notarized power of attorney to fixed asset represented by real estate, our company will provide optionality of your participation in real estate management, that will save your time. It is possible to sign an agreement or trust.

Solution of operational tasks. Determination of real estate value, conduct of segment market analysis, performance of marketing campaigns on your real estate promotion. Search of tenants. Optimal market pricing with making profit. Management delegation between several specialists. Photo and video shooting of interior and exterior.

Organization of high quality repair and design works supported by our partners. Repair cost sheet determination. Search and selection of professionals for the unique premise design development. Implementation of the other key events in real estate servicing with attraction of the third-party experts.

Systematization of income from your real estate. Capitalization growth. Attraction of specialists for the project image profitability increase. Building the correct marketing policy, and quality control of services provided to tenants. Guaranteed profit within the agreed term.

Search of actual offers for tenants. Provision of quality selection of potential lease providers. Aid and consultation in complex situations, accompanying by our specialists throughout collaboration with the company. Attention to your wishes and comments.


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