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After purchase/sale service

After purchase/sale service

After real estate purchase/sale service in Dubai

We will support you upon the completion of real estate deal in the UAE
Having bought or sold the real estate object, the customer often starts doubting if their choice was right. Have I acquired the house I really need? Should I have bought something else? Should I have sold commercial real estate? Doubts and anxiety concerning the deal completed are called "post purchase dissonance".

In order to reduce dissonance, the company and customer communications should increase the attractiveness of the choice made, decrease the attractiveness of rejected alternatives, and create the feeling of cordiality and a priori support. These conditions allow the former or present real estate owner feel satisfaction from the deal completed.

How to get satisfaction from the deal completed?

Our company team is specialized in the real estate market in the UAE, and possesses the skills of accompanying our customers at each stage of purchase and sale. We support our customers after real estate sale or purchase. With Toplevel, you will:

Receive comprehensive aid in connecting ousing and public utility services. Our representatives will provide comfortable and safe conditions of living in the premises you purchase. We will establish contact with the managing company and agree upon the format of utility services provision.

We will provide recommendations on further operation. Our company employees will prepare the detailed plan of events for real estate maintenance in good condition, and will investigate the prospects of leasing residential or commercial premises. We will observe real estate rentability change throughout the selected cooperation term.

Preserve full confidentiality of processes. Our company policy follows provisions on preserving customer personal information. The topLevel customer data base is maintained in accordance with the information safety rules within our company. We will support your decision to maintain anonymity in all deals completed.

Obtain reliable support at relocation. The rule of our company is the uniquely warm attitude to a customer upon the cooperation completion. We will not disappear upon the deal competion: the customer and their further well-being are important for us. Our team of professionals will assist in furnishing or premises and the conduct of repair and design work supported by our partners.


Do you face difficulties after real estate purchase or sale?

Fill in the form, and our consultant will contact you.

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