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AQUA Properties


Incorporated in 2005, AQUA Properties gained its reputation at the market as the well-known, award-winning real estate company due to its innovative, creative, and clear-sighted approach. AQUA Properties, located in a modern spacious office at Sheikh Zayed Street, offers expert consultations on real estate with the help of its large multi-national team of certified RERA professionals, who have high qualification and are committed to provision of the best individual service to their customers in combination with transparency, confidentiality, and clear communication.

AQUA Properties offers the wide range of services in the real estate field in all real estate types and sectors, including real estate marketing, broker’s services, rent, real estate management, project planning and development, signing agreement, condominium, and the most interesting service, Global REIT, the first block chain-based REIT in history. If you are looking for a place to create your perfect house or just a good possibility for investment, AQUA Properties is the real estate company with the full range of services, providing to its customers personalized and actual market data and trends.

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