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Emirates Hills Villa may become one of the forthcoming premium class deals

Emirates Hills Villa may become one of the forthcoming premium class deals


Emirates Hills Villa may become one of the forthcoming premium class deals


The preliminary value of such villa will reach 225 mln AED.

With regard of the fact that demand n premium class real estate in Dubai remains increased, real estate in Emirates Hills now lays claim to be one of the most expensive objects in the city. Deal for acquisition a villa at Palma at the cost of 280 mln AED has been completed quite recently.

As the number of inquiries from Europe, including Russia, increases, real estate Emirates Hills real estate becomes more and more popular. With reference to sources, citizens of France have recently become the most active European representatives in this segment.

Emirates Hills put on exhibit the large share of sold projects, and the XLV residence is not and exception. The XLV Residence will follow the general view. Apartments have seven bedrooms, and the final area of real estate is 50 ths sq. feet.

The complex developer is Select Group, famous for its skyscrapers in Dubai Marina. Beside, the company takes actions to modernize old elite villas in Dubai, renewing their design and functions, which helps to increase demand for old real estate.

There is a certain category of customers, whose interest is aimed at real estate and offers only at the price increasing 100 mln AED. For regret, today the market cannot provide housing of this class in the sufficient amount.

The market try to diffuse this dilemma by erecting villas and townhouses by unique plan projects for personal orders. Coronavirus prevented timely completion of projects, but it did not cancel them, just delayed. Such an approach to solving of extra class housing problem slightly helps the market to stabilize.

Purchases and demand for real estate at Palm and Jumeirah Bay archipelagos start dominating: in last trimesters, large budgets were allocated, and they were used by developers to make considerable progress, in particular, in Emirates Hills.

Remove the shroud of secrecy

The seller decided not to specify XLV as the private sector object, which is a deviation: as a rule, such objects, sold in Dubai, have the increased privacy level. Most frequently, presentation of objects is made by private tours, and as a last resort the 3Dversion is shown.

Interior design and exteriors were developed by the design company Qeblawi Brooks, specializing in private sector buildings.

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